The paper submission for the conference can be made in the following tracks:

Track 1: Computing Systems

Computer Vision and Image Processing 
Computer Architecture 
Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
Internet of Things
Machine Learning 
Big Data 
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality 
Social Networking and Security 
Parallel and Distributed Mobile Computing 
High Performance Computing 
Cloud Computing and Block Chain 
Distributed Systems 
Autonomic and Trusted Computing
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing 
DNA Computing

Track 2: Electronics and Communication

Semiconductor Devices and Circuits 
Microwave Devices and Antenna Propagation 
Green Communication and Wireless Networks 
Adhoc and Wireless Sensor Networks 
Signal Processing 
MEMS and Nano-Fabrication 
Materials for Electronics 
Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN
Satellite Communication 
Underwater Communication 
Fibre Optics and Optical Communication 
Network Based Applications 
VLSI Embedded Systems 
Consumer Electronics 
Quantum Electronics

Track 3: Electrical Systems

Power System Optimizations and Applications 
Power Electronic Controller Designs and Applications 
Power Quality Issues and Solutions 
Green and Renewable Energy Technology 
Smart Grid 
High Voltage 
Electrical Drives
Switchgear and Protection 
Soft Computing Applications in Power Systems

Track 4: Measurement and Instrumentation

Instrumentation and Control Systems 
Industrial Instrumentation 
Biomedical Instrumentation 
Sensors, Transducers and Actuators 
Design, Fabrication and Manufacturing of Sensing and Transducing Devices 
Signal Processing and Its Applications in Space, Geosciences and Biomedical Science 
Data Acquisition and Measurement Systems 
Automation Science and Engineering
Remote Sensing and Telemetry
Soft Computing in Control Engineering

Track 5: Computational Methods in Engineering

Computational Mechanics 
Computational Fluid Dynamics 
Vibration and Control 
Heat and Mass Transfer
Structural Health Monitoring 
Multiscale Modelling and Simulation 
Nonlinear Dynamics
Computational Methods for Filter Design 
Chaos in Natural Phenomena
Finite Element Analysis
Fluid-Structure Interaction
Constitutive Modelling of Materials

Track 6: Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 
Waste Management/ Technology 
Alternative Energy, Fuels and resources 
Biomedical materials and its applications 
Synthetic organic chemistry/Drug synthesis and delivery/Medicinal Chemistry 
Environmental Science and Engineering 
Polymer Chemistry
Membrane Technology
Astrophysics, Fusion and Plasma Physics 
Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Energy Systems
Microfluidics and Microsystems
Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry
Applied Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical Biology
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Topology and Differential Geometry