How to check if fonts are embedded?

Here are two possible ways to check if fonts are embedded in a pdf file.

  • If you are using linux, you should have access to the pdffonts command. Just run $ pdffonts mypaper.pdf
  • Open your pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and select File>Document Properties. Under the Font tab, you should see a list of fonts. All of them should say "Embedded" or "Embedded Subset".

Font Embedding for LaTeX users

Kindly check the following links:

Embed Fonts in an MS Word Document

  • Open the Word document.
  • Select Tools > Options.
  • In the Options box, click the Save tab.
  • Click the check mark box for Embed TrueType fonts.
  • Click the check mark box for Embed characters in use only.(This is the subsetting fonts function.)
  • Click OK.

The fonts you used are now embedded and subset in the document for accurate representation on other platforms.